Bonus: Attack of the Cutie Pie

Hi! This is the episode page for the first-ever Patreon-exclusive episode of Singing Mountain! In my 100th episode, I listed off my favorite works of VGM that I found in doing research for this podcast. That list was really tough to narrow down, however, and there are another twenty-some tracks that just barely didn’t make the cut. They’re all here, in a “all music, no talk” episode because I talked enough in the last one.

So why is it here? Well, in that 100th episode, I said I’d unlock this episode for everyone, patrons or not, if I got just eight more reviews on iTunes, to bring the number up to an even 50. Seeing as how this little ploy resulted in exactly zero reviews, I figured I’d say here that if you’d like to give one, just click this link.

Cool art, though, right?

Drew Mackie